Long Hill Education Foundation has awarded over $150,000.00 in grants to teachers, staff, and the school district over the past 16 years. Thanks to donors' generous support, these grants impact all students, faculty, and staff across all three schools.
Thanks to donors’ generous support, the Long HIll Education Foundation funded the following grants in its 2021-2022 fiscal year, in the sum of $9,050.00.
We appreciate everyone who takes the time to submit a grant application. To view and submit an application for the 2022-23 school year, visit our Apply for a Grant page: 

2021-2022 Final Grant Awards Report
Project Title: Newark Museum of Art Virtual Tour
Grantee: Wendi Cohen, 5th grade, Millington School
Total amount awarded: $330.00
Status: Completed
This grant provided students with a virtual tour of the Newark Museum's collection of Early American paintings, tied in with American history. Hidden meanings behind colonial paintings were explored. Students gain a deeper understanding of the history of colonial America.
Project Title: Group Social-Emotional Team Building
Grantee: Angela Barth, Faculty/Staff, Central Middle School Staff
Total amount awarded: $900.00
Status: Completed
This grant aimed to improve the culture and mindset of faculty and staff after the difficult past 2 years of COVID-19, and overall increase the social-emotional culture in school. A therapeutic painting class was held on-site. Participants were guided in painting the same scene. Since there are so many skill levels, bonding and conversation occurred when comparing each others projects. Nineteen staff members participated and expressed their gratitude to the Education Foundation for a wonderful time participating in the activity.
Project Title: Game Design Initiative
Grantee: Patrick Golub, Grades 2-5, Millington School 
Total amount awarded: $4600.00
Status: In progress
This project aims to fill a gap in our district's STEAM programming, that is, game/level design. In recent years, the career path of a Level Designer has become more viable, and may be even more so in the near future with the advent of the Metaverse and other interactive social media platforms. This grant supports the development and implementation of our first actual Game Design Program. Students will be able to develop their own mini-game from the ground up (the game environment, obstacles, rules of physics, etc) and have the levels in the game playable by other students (for testing, improving, and collaborating on new ideas according to the Principles of Game Design). Students at all grade levels (2-5) would be able to utilize this program at varying levels of difficulty, create their own level designs, and share with (not only their grade level), but collaborate across grade levels. For example, a 2nd grade class could share their level design with a 5th grade class and get feedback on how to make their level design more effective/playable.
Project Title: Sensory Hallway
Grantees: Yael Locke, Grades 2-5 at Millington School; Jessica Alaan; Grades PreK-K-1 at Gillette School
Total amount awarded: $1605.00 was awarded to each school (Gillette and Millington)
Status: In progress
The primary goal of this project is to provide a way for the students to receive necessary sensory input that will allow them to better self-regulate throughout their day at school. A Sensory Path is a set of creative wall and floor decals that provide ways for children to receive sensory input. The sensory input provided can help build sensory pathways in the brain in order to facilitate improved attention, improve frustration tolerance, decrease the need for excessive movement, improve bilateral coordination, balance and visual processing. The activities can also help to stimulate language skills and facilitate learning. This grant will benefit all students in Gillette and Millington Schools, including the special education and general education populations. 
Below are pictures of the Sensory Hallways at Gillette an Millington Schools and students enjoying the fun activities the sensory paths provide.